Art is another of my passions. I find painting to be a very therapeutic experience. At last, I have decided to create original works and offer them for sale. This, in order to raise extra funds so I can dedicate more time to write the remaining twenty two or so books in my "Books I have to write first" list and also for the professional editing of the literary works I have finished so far to improve my chances of finding an agent and publishing my books.


I will be creating various series of paintings of several subjects and in various styles that will be taken from/inspired by my novels. Art appears prominently in my books and many of my characters create original art, want to or simply have it and admire it. You will have the artworks I mention in my books in your hands!


Here you can explore my portolio of works available for sale and also those already sold. Each painting will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me, a thank you letter and a note about the work purchased detailing its place in my novels.


It is my sincere desire that, once my books get published (and the movies get released -fingers crossed- :) ), your painting/s will go up in value and become a family treasure.


Take a look at the Terms and Conditions pages to know more about the purchasing and shipping process.


I hope you enjoy my work!