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In order to acomplish my mission of publishing my books under my own publishing house I'm offering sponsorships to help companies find new customers and help individuals to create a legacy. Sponsors can contribute at the following level:


  • £800 - Your name or company's name (logo and link to your website included) featured on this website


Each contribution will go towards the costs of the highest quality production possible and strong marketing, to reach a broad readership both online and through brick-and-mortar bookstores. You can purchase your sponsorship package securely through PayPal. I can also provide my UK bank details upon request.


All three of my books are available for sponsorships. If you have questions or would like to contribute at a different level, please email me at: aagabriel.author@gmail.com


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Sponsor "Ian Johnson" and have your name or business name featured on my two websites.


About the book


Ian Johnson wishes he could move to London to get a better job and have a brighter future. He's lived in Liverpool his whole life and he can't bear the thought of staying there any longer. It's after Queen Anastasia and Princess Sophie arrive to the city to meet with a dying relative, that Ian manages to have an encounter with the heir to the throne. Ian and Sophie fall in love immediately as they both share a desire to escape their current lives. But Ian is in no position to leave and when Sophie manages to come up with a plan to help him move to the capital city, their lives change as they do everything they can to have a life together in spite of the obstacles they have to overcome.